Xhaper™ 37° Fleece-lined Men vest

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All you need to get a Greek God-like body appearance in this ultra-warm vest

It is velvety soft and skin-friendly which is suitable for sensitive skin also, bringing you the maximum comfort and warmness.

No matter whether you are static or in motion, this comfortable to wear vest sculptures your upper body by compressing on your skin and underlying muscles, enhancing the blood circulation and your posture.

Special Thereomic Technology transfers moisture generated from the body to heat, while the high dense fleece lining retains the warmth to keep you from cold!


  • High-quality dense fleece: The fleece lining is superior in creating a comfortable layer of insulation by trapping air in the pockets between its fibers. This helps to warm air and retain the heat to warm your core! 

  • Compression Theory: Compressive nature of the vest enhances blood circulation and thus the movement of oxygen in your body. It corrects your posture and sculpts your muscles to your best ratio. Look Confident and Smart!

  • Flexible and breathable: It dries quickly to prevent odor and bacteria accumulated from sweat. Unique fabric design allows you to stretch as you wish, granting you great mobility and flexibility.

  • Super Lightweight: This makes it great for daily styling, so you won’t have to dress up the bulky and heavy down jacket. Wear your favorite, cool shirt outside but no one notices your strongest warmth weapon! With a lightweight fleece vest, you can have the warmth for half of the weight.

  • Wearable Underneath of Other Shirts: Designed perfectly to fit your body shape and can be put underneath your daily shirts.


  • Material: Fleece
  • Color: Black, Gray
  • Size: M, L, XL, XXL


  • 1 x Body Build Compression Men Shirt

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