Toilet Wiping Aid

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✅Clean Up without Aid from Other People💪🏻
✅Anti-Slip Grip & Perfect Length🌟
✅Hygienic & Easy to Use🤩

Convenient & mess-free toilet support

Do you need a little assistance in the toilet when it’s time to clean up? You can manage it on your own with the help of our Toilet Wiping Aid—especially made for PWDs, or pregnant women.

This is a very useful tool that provides you with self-sufficient hygienic abilities in doing personal tasks without asking for help from others!

The Toilet Wiping Aid is designed with highly durable cleaner made of plastic and rubber to effectively clean hard-to-reach areas without pain or discomfort. It is super easy to use with its perfect size, anti-slip grip, and ergonomic design.


  • OFFERS INDEPENDENCE TO PWDs- The Toilet Wiping Aid is a godsend for people who have difficulties in moving. This gives you the liberty to clean up after yourself without aid from other people.

  • CONVENIENT & EFFECTIVE- This tool is not only innovative; it is also revolutionary in the cleaning industry! It has helped a lot of users effectively reach areas without stretching a single muscle!

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN- It is designed with a nice curve that will help you reach far from your limited position. With its anti-slip grip and perfect length size, you are guaranteed to have a smooth and comfortable toilet time, anytime.

  • HYGIENIC & EASY TO USE- This no-mess cleaner allows you to clean up without disgusting remnants! You have to simply insert toilet paper sheets at the tip of the rod, clip it to secure, and start wiping. Release the tissue paper once done.


  • Size: 380 x 32 x 35mm
  • Weight: 121g
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