Terminate™ Termite Bait Stations

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It's more Expensive to Repair Termite Damage than Prevent It!
Kill termites before they enter your home through tiny cracks in the foundation or anywhere that contains wood! Terminate™ Termite Bait Station applies hexaflumuron treated stakes to kill foraging termites.
Spectracide termite bait stakes effectively control termite growth and interfere their exoskeleton formation. Unique formula is proven to have effect on wood-destroying pests and home-invading insects only, while having no risk on plants or other animals.
Save USD200+ for termite treatment and no more scheduling hassles to leave home during the process. Irresistible bait stakes attract termites and poison them, thereby killing the whole population by contact.


  • No more hassles to leave home during termite
  • Kills wood-destroying pests and other listed home-invading insects.
  • Use around home's foundation, wooden structures, wood piles, tree stumps and stored lumber.
  • Unique irresistible formula ensures full control of active termite infestations
  • Safe to use. No risk on plants, beneficial insects or other animals.

Direction to Use

  1. Dig holes and insert the stakes in it 2 to 3 feet away from the foundation and no more than 10 feet apart.
  2. To confirm whether termites have been active, pull the stake from the ground to see any termites are there or baits are missing.
  3. If evidence of termite activity is found, replace the active stake with a new one and install additional stakes within 1 foot of the infested stake
  4. Whether termite is active or not, all stakes must be replaced every 12 months for efficacy.


  1. Safe to use in garden.
  2. Avoid placing bait stakes in kitchen, on countertops or outdoor tables to prevent food contamination.

Package Includes

  • Terminate™ Termite Bait Stations x 1/ 2/ 3/ 5 pcs

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