Shoes Deodorant Capsule (2 pcs)

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Always keep your shoes smelling fresh!

This Shoes Deodorant Capsule dehumidifies and removes the funky smell off your pair of kicks! Make them last longer and stay fresh.
It effectively keeps away odor-causing bacteria that thrives inside shoes from
accumulated sweat and moisture.
Simply unscrew and insert the capsules inside the footwear! Deal with the stank for good without the fuss or muss.


✔ Effectively Absorbs Moisture: Contains zeolite minerals that can dehumidify the insides of your shoes.
✔ Deodorizes: Double NSHIELD balls keep your shoes away from odors and bring freshness and fragrance to shoes.
✔ Keeps Footwear Fresh & Clean: Inhibits the growth of bacteria accumulated from feet sweat & moisture.
✔ No-Fuss & Muss: Simply unscrew the capsule and choose the different gear which represents different degrees of dehumidification and aroma.
✔ Regenerable & Reusable: Due to the nature of the zeolite, it can be reused after exposure to the sun. Applicable not just for shoes but for wardrobes, bags, drawers, etc. as well!


Material: Zeolite, NSHIELD, ABS
Colors: Blue, Pink, Yellow, Red


2 / 4 pcs x Shoes Deodorant Capsule

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