Seat Belt Extension Buckle

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Instantly extend your seatbelt, drive comfortably!

This amazing extender eliminates the tightness & the annoying feeling when driving! Never again compromise your safety by having those shorthanded seatbelts!
It is the strongest, safest, and most comfortable seat belt extension on the market! Super easy to install and can be extended up to 36 cm!


Instantly Extends a Seatbelt: Seatbelt can be extended up to 36cm.

Boost Comfort
This helps to get rid of seatbelt tightness that may sometimes lead to danger, especially for pregnant women.

Durable & Strong Grip
The static tensile strength test is up to 2 tons. It is made of stainless steel and high-quality materials, and will not easily break after excessive wear and tear.

Easy to Install
Simply insert metal buckle into the original buckle socket, and then insert the belt buckle hole into the extended buckle socket, and ready to use!

Widely Applicable
Ideal for people who cannot wear default seat belts such as people with bigger density and body mass, pregnant women, children, and people with disabilities.


Material: ABS
Color: Black, Beige
Size: As shown


  • Seat Belt Extension Buckle
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