Rhinitis Acupuncture Patch

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This is a revolutionary way to relieve Rhinitis instantly — a reliable and painless Chinese Medical way to heal your pain. 

Rhinitis Acupuncture Patch corresponds to your body's acupoints to promote blood circulation. Improving the body's immune capacity and resist to nasal congestion and influenza

This Rhinitis Acupuncture Patch relieve your pain with portable design. Attach the patches on the body as a treatment every day, no pills and additional tools are required

      • Light and small for carrying - portable for traveling or unstable working environment.
      • An instant prescription of Chinese Herbs - No extra pills or tools are required.
      • Corresponding size - Fits your body's acupoints.
  1. Store the Rhinitis Acupuncture Patch in a dry condition before sticking on your body. 
  2. One patch for each acupoint on your body per day. 
  3. Stick the patch on your body immediately after you open it.
  4. The treatment should be finished in 24 hours each time.
  5. Do not reuse any patch.

Material: Chinese Herbal Powder, Adhesive, Non-woven fabric
Size: 7cm * 10cm * 6pc (36 patches)

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1pc * Rhinitis Acupuncture Patch

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