Portable Car Heater Defrost & Defog

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 Enjoy crystal-clear driving views no matter what the weather is! 

Get rid of frosty and foggy view while driving with the all-new Portable Car Heater Defrost & Defog This effectively warms up the temperature of the car interior to keep unnecessary fog build-ups inside and outside the car!


Clear Windscreen 
This mini car heater effectively warm up the temperature of car interior to keep the fog and frost off your windshield instantly! 

Efficient Instant Heating
Adopts the anti-oxidized alloy core,  it provides safe, noise-free, and efficient heat.

180° Adjustable Swivel 
Easily adjust the warm air direction with the 360-degree swivel design. 

Obstruct-free View
The small and compact build allows you to mount it on the dash without blocking the driving sight. 
Dual Wind Mode 
This handy mini heater comes with a heater mode and a fan mode! You can switch fan mode to enjoy the soft natural breeze on the hotter days! 


    Power: 150 W  
    Voltage: 12V 
    Materials: Heat-resisting ABS materials 


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