PetHealer™ Pet Flea Killing Comb

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Take your pets out from constant itching and scratching misery and give them immediate relief from parasites with PetHealer™ Pet Flea Killing Comb!
This tool can be applied to any breed of cats and dogs, regardless of their age and health problems. It virtually has no contradictions, definitely inexpensive and safest way!
This comb also helps get rid of knots and matting. A flea combing session can be a great bonding experience with your pet, besides both cats and dogs enjoy the stroking and attention!


✔ Best Flea Killer: releases a slight electric charge as your brush the comb through your pet's fur to detect and kill flea effectively.
✔ Remove Loose Hair, Mats and Tangles: make your pet's hair soft. minimize the pet hair encounter around your house.
✔ Easy to Use: simply comb your pets to kill the flea, no extra tool required.
✔ Safe to Use: harmless than chemical baths and typical treatments; can be applied regardless of their age and health problems; chemical-free, pesticide-free.
✔ Painless: gentle charge kills fleas without harming your pet with no discomfort.
✔ Hands-free Discard: simply slide the blade to discard the dead fleas
✔ Works on Any Coat Lengths: reaches deep into your pet’s full-length fur/ short coat to find, kill and remove flea, both cat and dogs.


  • Package Size: 67 x 52 x 54mm
  • Powered by:  2 x AA batteries


1 x PetHealer™ Pet Flea Killing Comb

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