Orthosis Finger Corrector

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Orthosis Finger Corrector Splints Adjustable tension applies a static progressive stretch to correct IP joint deviation.

Cushioned slide adjusts to provide a stabilizing counterforce at DIP or PIP. May help reduce the formation of Heberden’s or Bouchard’s nodes on the finger joints—two of the most common effects of arthritis.

  • Lightweight wire splint allows the wearer to control the force to gradually bend fingers stuck in a straight or extended position
  • The Orthosis Finger Corrector will help reduce a mild to severe contracture caused by a fractured, jammed finger or tendon injury

  • To restore the final degrees of flexion, use aOrthosis Finger Corrector
  • Soft straps and pads are Latex free
  • Sizing and fitting by a health care provider is recommended


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1x Orthosis Finger Corrector

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