NoSew Denim Repair Patch (5 sheets)

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Patch up holes on your denim without sewing!

No need to spend hours sewing holes and rips on your favorite jeans. NoSew Denim Repair Patch is the lifesaver for every denim fashionista!
Mend different kinds of denim clothing without the need for threads and needles. Just iron the patch on it and it's ready for the runway!
Unleash your creativity and cut different shapes from it to turn your denim from plain to trendy!


✔ Zero-Sew Patch: It uses a special adhesive that can be melted with heat so you can install it easily just by ironing it. No need for needles and thread.
✔ Durable Results: It sticks tightly on any kind of fabric and will stay on wash after wash!
✔ Lightweight & Soft: Made of lightweight and soft cotton material, making it a comfy add-on to your jeans.
✔ Mend Different Shades of Denim: Has different shades to match your denims. Or you can mix and match to get cool results!
✔ Versatile Use: You can cut this piece of cloth however you want for mending, reinforcing, and decorating purposes!


  1. Cut the patch based on preference (or leave it as it is).
  2. Place it above the denim’s holed part.
  3. Iron over the patch for 30 seconds to melt the adhesive.


Size: 9.5 cm x 12.5 cm
Colors: Light Blue, Sky Blue, Blue, Dark Blue, Black


5 / 15 sheets x NoSew Denim Repair Patch

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