Mosquito Bite Relief Device

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Mosquito bites often result in a small bump that can be scratchy and uncomfortable. Get help with Mosquito Bite Relief Device as it instantly neutralizes that bite itch!
Using the specific 415 mm blue light, it relieves itching, redness, swelling, and discomfort! Now, you can enjoy outdoors and say goodbye to itch & troubled nights of sleep!
It’s as easy as holding a pen, and the urge to itch is gone! No messy lotions, oily sprays, or sticky surfaces - simply place it on the affected area and go!


  • Instant Relief: Works with minimal effort to neutralize the itch from insect bites/stings such as mosquitoes, wasp and bees.

  • Fast & Easy to Use: In 3-5 seconds from the first application, it quickly terminates itch and irritation of mosquito bites.

  • Fades Scars, Redness & Swelling

  • BIO Micro Electric Technology: using the specific 415 mm blue light it delivers concentrated heat & vibration to the affected area increasing localized blood flow and circulation - soothing the itch.

  • Drug & Chemical Free: Non-toxic, gentle on skin, safe to use on adults and kids.

  • Reusable Device: Battery operated 1x AA, itch solution for the people you care about.


  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 135x19x19mm
  • Voltage: DC 1.5V
  • Current: 036A
  • Power: 0.9W
  • Battery: 1 x AA Battery(not include) Material: ABS


1 x Mosquito Bite Relief Device

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