Microwave Bacon Rack

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 Perfectly crisp bacon without flipping every time!

Microwave Bacon Rack allows you to prepare bacon like never before! Have a strip of perfectly crisp bacon in no time!This hangs the bacon strips instead of laying them flat, which reduces the oils by up to 35% that results in a crispier bacon texture!


Perfectly Cooked
This brilliant new Microwave Bacon Rack takes care of all the legwork of cooking bacon, leaving you with nothing but perfectly cooked crispy bacon in mere minutes.

Crispier Bacon Texture
Since this bacon rack hangs the bacon strips instead of laying them flat, it can reduce the oils by up to 35%. It can help you achieve a crispier bacon texture as well.

Convenient Cooking
This cooks your bacon perfectly even without having to even flip the bacon through the cooking process which takes around 5 minutes, and afterward, you'll just need to clean out the tray and wipe down the surfaces! 

Anti Slip Handle
Easy to carry and handle.

Easy Clean-Up
This easily cleans up all the excess oil used.


Material: Plastic 
Color: White 
Package Size: 23 x 16 x 3.5cm 


  • x Microwave Bacon Rack 
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