Magic Silicone Broom

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Multipurpose innovative one-swipe action broom!

The Magic Silicone Broom removes dust, sweeps the floor, and wipes away liquid in the most effortless way! It is designed with grid-patterned hollows, reducing the overall weight and air resistance to provide smoother wiping motions in every area of your house!


One Swipe Action
Smartly functioned as a wiper and sweeper. Wipes away dust and dirt in one single motion!

Versatile Nylon Broom
This can also be used to swipe liquids, bubbles and can be used for glass windows, unlike the traditional broom!
Specially designed with grid-patterned hollows & wide swipe action, reducing air resistance to provide more effortless, smoother wiping motions. 

Retractable & Extendable Handle 
Detach for window scraping while re-attaching to extend for floor-sweeping! Easily reach to high positions like ceiling/window and any hard-to-reach spot. It can be adjusted from 60cm up to 90cm. 

Premium Nylon Rubber 
A soft, flexible rubber brush allows the best adherence to the surface for thorough removal of water from the floor. 
Easy Storage 
The non-slip handle can be hung. Convenient for storage and saves space. 


Material: Rubber/ Nylon
Color: Gray, Green, Pink
Size: 31 x 78-100 cm ( Length elongation ) / ( Retractable up to 47 cm )


  • Magic Silicone Broom
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