MeltDown™ Magnetic Detox Patch

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Now you can easily burn down your excess fats, carbs, and sugar while increasing and optimizing blood circulation with the all-new MeltDown™ Magnetic Detox Patch. 

This Patch blocks and reduce the absorption of grease and starch to help you get rid of the accumulated fat quicker around your body! Making your weight loss goal a lot easier! 

Very simple and convenient, simply patch it up and experience the amazing benefits such as increased energy, better night sleeps, stamina, and overall feeling of wellness! 


Effective Weight Loss 
The Slim Patch is made to work with the body's own endocrine system, losing excess weight by increasing the natural process that your body does to burn up fats, carbs, and sugars.
Increased Energy 
Due to the detoxifying nature from the plant-based natural ingredients. You will find that weight loss is not the only benefit, you will also find after detoxifying that you will have increased energy, better night sleeps, more stamina, and overall feeling of wellness.
Tones Up Loose Skin & Muscles
Extracted from natural botanical ingredients Tea and Ivy, the slim fit patches effectively restore the delicate and loose skin, improve the metabolic system, allowing your body to remove the built-up toxins.

Breathable & Comfortable 
The patches will NOT give you a feeling of moistness or discomfort after being applied to the navel area. You will forget that you are even wearing the patch. 

Simple to Use 
Super easy to use. Simply put the stickers on the navel. One-piece per day for 8 to 10 hours, and watch the weight come off. 


  • Weight: 50 g
  • Model Type: Patch


  • MeltDown™ Magnetic Detox Patch (1 box = 10 pcs / 30 pcs)
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