Limb Support Compression Sleeves

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Decrease the rate of fatigue on your lower extremities and prevent painful injuries! Limb Support Compression Sleeves help reduce micro-traumas in your calves or thighs during any activity.
They work by adding gentle, graduated pressure to improve circulation in your legs, support them, and keep the area protected. Perfect if you're an athlete or has a job that requires a lot of leg work.
Not only do they prevent cramps and swelling, they also improve your leg shape and help conceal and alleviate varicose veins, making your routine more comfortable so you're always motivated to keep going.



✔ Compression Zone Technology: Graduated compression helps increase blood flow, providing comfort and reducing muscle fatigue.
✔ Superior Comfort: Breathable, moisture-wicking, and soft with the right amount of compression at the right place.
✔ Improve Leg Shape: It can help tone your legs during workouts as it wraps around comfortably throughout the day.
✔ Conceal & Support: Conceals and alleviates symptoms of venous diseases such as varicose veins and spider veins, giving you more confidence and improve your overall health.
✔ Medical Grade: Made with high quality medical grade materials for long lasting support.
✔ Fit for Thighs & Legs: Highly stretchable fabric. One size can be used on calves or thighs.


Size: One size fits all
Black, Beige


1 pair x  Compression Sleeves

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