Knee Discomfort Relief Plaster (12 pieces)

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Relief 9 knee-related discomforts instantly.

The special pain-relief formula combined 12 valuable herbs reach the sore core directly to repair articular cartilage, consolidate bones and maintain muscles'health. The warm effect of the plaster enhances the metabolism and blood circulation, boosting the absorption of the nutrients, which can eliminate Stiffness and swelling effectively.Unique M-Shape adhesive plaster design well fits the rugged knees with skin-friendly adhesive material. The continuous absorption is not affected in any position.Made by natural ingredients, no chemicals and artificial substances. Suitable for knee discomfort relief and everyday care.


  • Help relief 9 knee-related problems: including middle-aged knee problems, cold knee, meniscus injury, arthritis, bone hyperplasia, ligament injury, sports hurt, swollen and stiffness.
  • PROVIDES DIRECT RELIEF to any affected area of the knee without the side effects of regular medications
  • HARNESS HEALING QUALITY of Wormwood Leaf Extract for anti-inflammatory and pain relief benefits
  • Ergonomics Designed fits every knee shape and provide maximum absorption into the knee so you can feel relieved instantly.
  • Size (including packaging): 15*13*1.5cm
  • How To Use
  • Apply for 12 hours each time.
  • Apply continuously for 7-10 days to feel initial results. Apply every day up to 30 days for maximum results.


  • Knee discomfort relief plaster x 1 box (12 pieces)


Please pay attention to the following matters when using:

  • Compliance with prescribed usage, dosage
  •  Baby, pregnant and children under 2 years old and people under lactation are prohibited from using
  • Do not use patients with broad bean disease Please pay attention to the following points during use and after use.
  • If you use this medicine to cause rash, redness, itching, etc., stop using it and talk to your doctor or pharmacist.


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