Insta Stainless Multipurpose Cleaner

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Eliminate Tough Stain and grease in 5 seconds

Simply spray the cleaner and wait as the decontamination foam unbinds the stain and grease from the affected surface.
No need to make some hazardous solutions with detergents and bleach. Our tested formulas quickly and effectively bind and dissolve grease stains for easy cleaning.
After use, simply wipe or rinse off the residue before using the surface again. Applicable on any surface. Effective and make your life easy! 


  • Non-scratch formula with no damage 

  • Natural formula with no bleaches or harsh chemicals
  • Applicable area: Counters, Sinks, Range hood, Bathroom Fixtures, Formica, Asphalt or ceramic tile, Window fans, Mirrors, Car, etc. 


  1. Activate 1 effervescent tablet by dissolving it with 500 ml water
  2. Spray to the affected area
  3. swipe or rinse with water (optional)


  • Material: Plastic (Bottle)
  • Size: 27cm x 11cm x 7cm (Bottle)
  • Ingredient: Biological Enzyme


  • 5PCS x Effervescent Tablet 
  • 1PC x Spray Bottle

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