Industrial Metal Repair Paste (1 set)

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Repair damaged metals with this almighty metal repair adhesive!!! Instantly dry out and repair!!! No need to weld!!

Mix two glues 1:1 ratio and apply to cracked metal!!! Super easy!!! 5 seconds to complete!!! Super adhesive and long-lasting effect!!!

Heat-resistant to 500 °C!!! Waterproof material is used to prevent rusting!! No more oxidation anymore !!! Free from dust and scratch!!!


[Instant metal repair]

Mix two glues 1:1 ratio and apply to metal !! Dry out in 5 second !! Repair metal, steel, aluminium instantly!! No more hole, scratch and crack !!!

[Super adhesive and Durable]

Long lasting effect after applying to damaged metal !! Super adhesive to endure external force and pressure !!

[High temperature resistance]

Two glue chemicals have high heat-resistant and melting point!!! It can hold up to 500 °C!!!

[Waterproof & prevent oxidation]

Waterproof-material is used to prevent further rusting & oxidation. The chemical layers covered on the top of metal helps prevent from dust, scratch and rust!!

[Widely applicable] 

Widely used in different materials like aluminium, metal, steel and Iron!! Apply to different home stuffs!!

[Similar colour]

Metal-like colour is mixed up !! Apply it to metal like protective coating !! No one will see the glue!! Make it like a new and glory metal again!!

[Safe to use] 

Non-toxin material is used !! It is super safe and cleanable once you glue on hands !!

How to use

  1. Mix A and B glue 1:1 ration and apply to damaged metal surface
  2. Use a tool to wipe out the glue evenly on the surface 
  3. Wait for few seconds for drying
  4. Finished 
    Product Specification
    • Material: Adhesive Gel
    • Size: 100 g/glue
    • Color: A - Gray, B - Yellow
    • Volume Ratio: A:B - 1:1
    • Curing Time: 24 hours at room temperature  

      Package Included

      • 1 set: A glue & B glue  
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