Hydro Seal Bandage

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Invisible Healing & Protection for any Wound!

The worst part about minor cuts on toes or fingers is that traditional bandages hardly fit. Introducing Hydro Seal Bandage- the medical liquid wound plaster for any wound shape & size!
Simply apply few coats and it will instantly form into a protective film in just seconds, eliminating the need for bulky and loose bandages that always get in the way throughout the day.
It’s completely waterproof so it lasts through situations where you need to get wet, like gardening, swimming  & washing the dishes!


  • LIQUID PLASTER for ANY WOUND SIZE & SHAPE. Simply brush this over the target area and it will settle to dry in the 30seconds. This peels off naturally 2-3 days after wound membrane formation. 

  • COMPLETE WOUND HEALER. It has All-in-One Antiseptic Liquid Treatment Formula that cleanse and heals open wounds, cuts, and other skin problems.

  • INVISIBLE PROTECTOR (NO MORE UNPLEASANT LOOSE BANDAGES). It instantly forms into a protective film in just seconds that protects cuts and wounds from bacteria.

  • WATERPROOF. It keeps wounds clean and dry by constantly protecting them from getting wet.

  • BREATHABLE & SAFE FORMULA. A tiny membrane allows air circulation. Also, it contains no acrylic and no irritating chemicals. It is safe to use in all age brackets.

  • WIDE RANGE OF USES. Best for cuts, scrapes, stitches, and hot spots.


1 x Hydro Seal Bandage (10ml)

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