Hairish™ Secure Wig Gripper

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Secure your wig without glue!

Looking for an easier way to secure your wig? Hairish™ Secure Wig Gripper got you covered! Simply wear it over your hairline to keep the wig in place tightly with its double-sided, non-slip beads.
No need to use glue and all that messy gunk! It makes wearing wigs a whole lot easier and less time-consuming. It's the simplest, mess-free, and safest way to secure your wig.
The best part - it doesn't gradually lose its grip throughout the day even if you flip your hair back and forth! It secures wigs onto bald scalp as well, giving you peace of mind.


✔ Fast & Easy to Wear: Simply wear it like a headband and it only takes a few seconds. No need for tapes, glues, hairpins to secure your wig!
✔ Secures Tightly All Day: Its double-sided silicone beads form a non-slip layer that can hold your wig and hair tight without losing/dropping off gradually throughout the day. Very soft, sweatproof, and waterproof. 
✔ Seamless & Undetectable: It can be worn under any wigs, frontals, hats, etc. for an undetectable and seamless transition.
✔ Stretchable & Comfortable: It's highly stretchable and will fit snugly around your head. It even works well on bald scalp. Enjoy your fabulous wig comfortably and with peace of mind.
✔ Prevent Hair Loss: It doesn't snag the hair, protects and stimulates the scalp which can promote your natural hair growth unlike using harsh glue that can harm your hair.


Material: Silicone
Color: Beige, White, Black


1 pc x Hairish™ Secure Wig Gripper

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