FrayStop™ Fabric Seaming Liquid

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Stop your special fabric from falling apart!

Prevent edges of the fabric from fraying until it disappears with FrayStop™ Fabric Seaming Liquid!
Simply apply on the edges and say goodbye to frustrations every time you cut and sew. Never end up again with a chaotic explosion of threads from your freshly cut fabric.
Great for sewing, quilting, home, and crafting projects. They're useful for loose and expensive fraying-prone fabrics that you never want to waste!


✔ Lock Edges to Any Fabric: It stops the fabric from ending up in a frayed mess.
✔ Soft & Colorless: It dries hard at first then softens after a few strokes. The transparent color is perfect for any type of fabric.
✔ Quick Drying Formula: Much faster than manually seaming all the edges.
✔ Easy to Use: Simply apply directly on the edges of your freshly cut fabric.
✔ Waterproof & Sturdy Hold: The seaming liquid is machine washable and can be dry cleaned. It effectively holds the threads in place no matter what.


Net content: 10 ml, 30 ml


1 x Fabric Seaming Liquid

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