FlexiRod Drain Clog Cleaner

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Clear clogged drains without the ick and fuss!!

Get rid of hair and debris clogging your sink in just seconds without ever getting your hands messy with our FlexiRod Drain Clog Cleaner!
With its micro-hook technology, it snags all the hair and gunk from your drain instantly so you can enjoy smooth water flow in your sink.
Simply insert, spin, and pull out the cleaner. It's that easy! No need to call a plumber, use any harsh chemicals, or pull your entire drain apart.


✔ 360 Spin Cleaner: Features a micro-hook cleaner with a 360 spin handle that snags all the gunk for you!
✔ Super Easy Steps: Simply insert the cleaning rod, rotate the handle, and remove the clog!
✔ Long & Flexible: Can thoroughly clean the inside of the drain by being long and soft enough to bend around curves and slips into most drains and grates.
✔ Safe & Hassle Free: Our FlexiRod is a healthier and better alternative to foul-smelling harsh chemicals or taking apart your drain plug hole.
✔ Wide Application: Suitable to use for kitchen sink, lavatory, shower drain, and toilet!
✔ Convenient To Use: It can be connected and disassembled after unclogging so you can either reuse or toss the replaceable wand without getting your hands dirty.


Material: PP
Size: 63 cm x 7 cm
Color: Blue, Pink, Green


1 x FlexiRod Drain Clog Cleaner

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