Flea & Tick Prevention Pet Collar

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37 cm (for small breed dogs & for cats)63 cm (for medium & large breed dogs)
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Keep your furry babies fleas & tick-free!

Our collar prevents both flea and tick infestations via simple contact with your cat or dog's skin, from head to tail protection for 8 continuous months!
Definitely convenient for every pet owner too! No more tick dips, annoying baths, unsafe powders, ticks’ sprays, or any granular treatments! Just fasten this collar to keep these parasites away!
Forget about the unnecessary and expensive vet visits when you can give your pets the natural protection they needed every time!


  • EFFECTIVELY SOLVE FLEA & TICK PROBLEMS: The active ingredients stored within the collar are continuously released in a low concentration throughout the entire coat and skin of your dog, ensuring total body protection.

  • LONG-LASTING PROTECTION: Replenished continuously to the skin allowing maximum protection for 8 continuous months.

  • EASY & CONVENIENT USE: Low maintenance, No mess, non-greasy, no more tick dips, unsafe powder, and ticks' spray.  Simply fasten tiny devices onto your pet's collar.

  • ADJUSTABLE COLLAR: Easily adjustable to fit dogs of any size. Can be used in addition to a traditional dog collar.

  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY & PET SAFE: It contains no chemicals or fragrances, making it safe even for young animals, as well as for elderly, ill, or pregnant pets.


  • Size:
    • 63 cm (suitable for medium and large dogs)
    • 37cm (suitable for small dogs & for cats)
  • Collar Color: Gray


1 x Flea & Tick Prevention Pet Collar

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