Fish Scale Microfiber Towel (3pcs)

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Clean any surface so effortlessly!!

Wipe away dirt, grime, spills, dust, and even fingerprints so easily without leaving marks with our Fish Scale Microfiber Towel!
Deal with your chores faster and more easily! This all-around cleaning cloth is made to clean almost all surfaces in your home, office, and vehicle.
Whether you use it wet or dry, it cleans and absorbs 3 times than a normal cleaning rag. Finally, deal with traces on the window that's normally so difficult to remove!


✔ Super Cleaning Power: Superfine fibers offer superior cleaning than normal towels. it can quickly remove stains, absorbs spills, and polish.
✔ Fish Scale Texture Technology: Double-sided fish scale texture will ensure a streak-free finish due to their tighter weave making it also ideal for buffing and polishing for bright surfaces.
✔ Strong Absorption:
The absorption capacity is 3 times of a normal cleaning cloth because of the siphoning effect and water storage effect of its numerous microfibers.
✔ Leaves no Marks: Wipe anything without any trace, smudge, and fingerprints.
✔ All Around Cleaning Cloth: Made to clean both wet and dry surfaces like windows, car, glass, mirror, wood flooring, ceramic tile, marble, furniture, dishes, stainless steel products, etc.
✔ Durable & Quality Material: Ultra-soft, smooth, lint-free, and quick-drying material.


Size: 30 cm x 30 cm
Material: Microfiber
Color: random


3 pcs x Fish Scale Microfiber Towel

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