Erect™ Pelvis Correcting Thigh Slimmer

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Achieve the perfect shape body in no time! Relieve pains, and have a straight proper posture with the all-new Erect™ Pelvis Correcting Thigh Slimmer

It has a high waist design with an 8-inch double paneled waistband, that flattens the tummy for a smooth & slim look! Gradually reforms curvature, such as cellulite, buttocks sagging, abdominal fat, bow legs, tightens thighs, and more! 

This ultimate self-esteem and confidence booster allows you to wear any desired clothes whilst having a good posture for a sleeker and smarter look! Ideal for new birth moms and to those with excess belly in achieving that feminine silhouette! 


Relieves Pain & Fatigue
Assist your body in maintaining a neutral spine and increasing core and pelvic stability to help relieve pressure and pain in the lower back, hip, and legs. 
Corrects Posture 
For proper alignment & posture and gradually reforms bow legs & other curvature. 
Suitable for people with poor posture because of long sitting, new birth mom, those who have a saggy belly and tight, incorrect pelvic shape. 

Reform & Reshape 
Lift and support buttocks against sagging & tightens loose skin from thighs to make it look slim and firmer.
High Waist Design 
With an 8-inch double paneled waistband for massive calorie burning of bumpy fat deposits and cellulite.

Premium Quality 
Moisture-wicking fabric and prevents odor-causing microbes and bacteria, providing ultimate comfort. 


  • Color: Black, Pink, Beige, Gray


  • Erect™ Pelvis Correcting Thigh Slimmer
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