Emergency Rust & Stain Remover

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Watch fabric stains vanish before your eyes!!

Instantly remove some of the most difficult stains from your fabrics with Emergency Rust Stain Remover! Make those old clothes look brand new without needing to scrub, rinse, or wait too long.
No need to throw away clothes that turned yellow. With just a drop, you can easily get rid of rust stains formed on fabrics caused by old buttons, belt buckles, grommets, eyelets, etc.
Has a safe formula that won't damage your clothes and highly-versatile as it works on various types of stains like hard water scaling, blacken stains, and stubborn grease.


✔ Instant Results: Removes tough old and new stains almost instantly with its powerful formula. No rinsing, vacuuming, or waiting to see the results.
✔ Convenient & Easy to Use: No need to scrub, just apply a drop and watch the stain vanish before your eyes.
✔ Safe & Efficient: Formulated with natural solvents that break down the tough stains without damaging your fabrics. It's non-toxic, biodegradable, and contains no chlorine or phosphates.
✔ For Various Types of Stains: This universal spot stain remover is effective on all types of fresh or set-in stains, both organic or inorganic, on all fabrics.
✔ Multi-Purpose: Remove stains on different kinds of fabric, shoes, and even rust stains on floors.


1. Directly apply the product to the rust stain (or any other stain that need to be treated)
2. Repeat 2-3 times for very stubborn stains.


1 pc x Emergency Rust & Stain Remover (50ml)

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