Electric Drill Dust Collector

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Drill holes without all the dusty mess!

Keep your workspace clean and free from dust when drilling! This Electric Drill Dust Collector catches debris made from any kind of surface.
Stop dust from flying all over you and collect them as you work. It makes cleaning after your project a breeze!
This handy device is perfect for your DIY projects at home. Leave your floors tidy and dustless!


✔ Dust Collection Tool: Features a hollow chamber that catches all the dust created from drilling holes.
✔ Versatile Drill Bit Attachment: Made of durable material that can be used to catch the debris on drywall, wood, metal, concrete, and other materials.
✔ Fits Various Drill Bits: The bowl attachment fits drills of any brand and a variety of drill bits.
✔ Easy to Use: First, twist off the clear lid. Insert the drill bit into the base of the attachment, ensuring that the round brush is fitted around your drill bit. Then replace the lid, and you're ready to catch dust. To empty the attachment, simply twist off the lid and throw away the dust.
✔ Reduces Drilling Debris: Snap design ensures that the dust will not leak while you drill. Control debris and leave your floors and surfaces dustless so that cleaning up after the project is easy.


Size: 44 mm x 50 mm x 88 mm


1 x Electric Drill Dust Collector

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