Dye-Transfer Catcher Laundry Film

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Avoid cross-dyeing laundry disasters!

Keep your stray red hanky or blue jeans from dispelling disaster to your white laundry! This Dye-Transfer Catcher Laundry Film absorbs loose dye in the wash before it settles onto your clothes.
The film protects and preserves the original color of your laundry. It also eliminates the need to sort your clothes when washing - saving you time, money, and energy.
They're super easy to use. Just grab a sheet, toss it into your load, and you're good to go. Wash different colored clothes with peace of mind!


✔ Absorbs & Protects Color: Can strongly absorb the loose dye in water, preventing it from mixing with other clothes and preserving the original color.
✔ Economical & Easy to Use: One piece is enough to protect your load. Simply toss it with your laundry and wash it in a normal setting.
✔ Special Tough Fibers: Uses a non-woven honeycomb structure that won't easily break inside the washer, ensuring that it will do its job well to protect your clothes!
✔ Safe for Clothes: Safe for sensitive skin and baby clothes, underwear, and other personal clothes. It works in all water temperatures, for handwash or machine wash.


  1. Put the product and clothes into the washing machine.
  2. Clean according to normal procedures.
  3. Discard after washing. (You can see the loose dyes have been absorbed!)


Product Material: non-woven fabric
Size: 28 cm x 11 cm


24 pcs x Dye-Transfer Catcher Laundry Film

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