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Expand awareness of what exists beyond your naked eye!

Did you know that the energy in your space can directly affect the way you feel, work, and live? And dowsing is a powerful way of using the body's own reflexes to help you interpret the world around you.
By obtaining information by asking a series of yes and no questions, dowsing rods can be used to looking for lost items, discover underground water, and locate buried metals, gemstones, or even ghost hunting.
They are also used to reveal answers to questions hidden from your conscious mind. Use it as a way to obtain answers to all types of questions ranging from honing your fate or even paranormal activity!


  • FINDING LOST ITEM: These rods are excellent tools for finding groundwater on your property. Use it to look for your lost items and more.

  • FORTUNE TELLING: Ask any questions answerable by YES or NO. The rods will either cross over each other means “yes’ or it will move out from each other, denoting a “NO”.

  • TALKING TO THE DECEASED: Use it for paranormal, to communicate with the spirits

  • HIGH-QUALITY STAINLESS MATERIAL: It is an excellent choice, not only for its durability but also as an excellent medium for a highly responsive dowsing activity.

  • RETRACTABLE EASY SWING: They smoothly move and swing freely, to allow for proper divination and not be biased by the slight tremors or shakes of the natural human.


  1. The dowser stands in the middle of the room and holds the short L portion of the rods very loosely in his or her hands.
  2. As the dowser walks about the room, the rods will either cross over each other or move out from each other as the dowser moves. These are indications of energy fields.
  3. When the rods point in the same direction, it is guiding you to walk that way.
  4. Whenever the rods spread out and move away from each other, it’s an indication that the energy field has changed/ It also means “NO”.
  5. Positive energy draws the rods inward and together. Once the rods cross paths, especially for an extended period of time, that is where the dowser is taking you. It also implies a “YES” answer.



Dowsing Rod x 1 pair

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