Automotive Glass Nano Repair Fluid

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Instant fix and avoid the spreading of cracks! Repair all types of crack in just a few minutes with our Automotive Glass Nano Repair Fluid! All cracks will become unnoticeable as if no damage has ever been done.

Simple & Easy-to-use DIY tool that saves hundreds of dollars from seeking professional help! Get yours now so you can repair your own glass like a pro!


  • Quick Fix - Simply smear on cracked surface and the crack will be magically repaired in just a few minutes.

  • Powerful Glass bonding - Strong penetrating adhesive forms fast and durable joints that bond loose glass and prevent cracks from spreading. All cracks will become unnoticeable and invisible as if no damage has ever been done.

  • Never been easier - Easy DIY glass repairing that anyone can do! Save hundreds of dollars seeking professional help! With our cost efficient repair fluid, you can be a pro yourself!

  • Widely Applicable - Repairs cracks on car windshields, laminated glassine, windows or your phone screen! All-in-one solution that fix all kinds of glass surfaces!


    • 1 x Automotive Glass Nano Repair Fluid

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