Anti-fog Spray

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Have you ever found out your windows are completely blurred? Then you had to wipe them by hand or fully turn on the heater to make it go away...
Simply apply the anti-fog spray on the surface to get the temperature resistant immediately. It can last for 90 days!
Using Nanotechnology, nano particles create a superhydrophobic film to repel fog and water droplets. Keeping your glasses crystal clear.


  • Instead of using a silicone-based formula, this product works on a molecular level. You won't have to worry about the surface of your product ruined by a silicone layer.
  • Nanotechnology is odorless, long-lasting, breathable, invisible and superhydrophobic
  • Prevent fatal accidents due to blurred vision. Perfect for every driver.
  • You can use this product for other glass surfaces too. Do you want to see a clear mirror after a shower? Or prevent fogging of your home windows? No problem! This glass treatment is suitable all-around home and car.
  • The protective coating is resistant to temperature changes. Use in cold and warm rooms or outside at all seasons of the year. 
  • This is a product used for basic needs, but the results are outstanding. The nano formula after activated can last up to 3 months, instead of a few days like many other anti-fog products

*Do not spray too much on the same area


  • Anti-fog Spray x 1


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