Adjustable Active Ankle Brace

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Wearing an ankle brace offers better protection and helps to prevent or to recover from ankle sprains. It’s indispensable for adults and kids in day-to-day life and during exercises as simple as walking to strenuous ones.

It reduces ankle swelling and associated arthritis joint stiffness and pain. The compression reduces any swelling, with better proprioception you can feel you ground better and walk safer, making it ideal to wear for kids, adults and in particular elderly.

Unlike others, its softshell made material offers high flexibility so it does not restrict your mobility and agility. It’s also sizable and can be adjusted to fit the shape of your foot, super breathable so preventing overheating when you are active.

A favorite pick for joggers, runners, cyclists, climbers, kids, elderly and more who need an extra range of movement and moisture control inside their clothing. This product is an excellent choice for any wardrobe!


  • Better Proprioception: The compression reduces any swelling and associated arthritis joint stiffness and pain, makes perception or awareness of the position and movement of your feet to be enhanced. Anyone wearing it can feel the ground better and walk safer.

  • Suitable for Rehab from an Ankle Injury: The use of ankle braces can help to speed up recovery time when used in conjunction with other rehabilitation methods, such as physiotherapy. The technology behind them allows the patient to stay mobile longer, with the brace itself offering compression to the affected area which can reduce pain and inflammation.

  • Ideal for Usage during Sports: Most people don't realize that 42.9% of high school basketball players will injure their ankle during the course of their season, making the ankle the most common basketball injury location by far. The above likely occurs for other sports also. Our ankle brace helps to restrict excessive ankle turning and twisting, preventing ankle sprains.

  • Softshell Material Made: Softshell clothing is somewhat of an all-rounder. It is made from woven fabric, making it a warm layer that brings comfort without the restriction or limitations of other materials. It is breathable, preventing you from overheating when being active.

  • Durable and Easy to Clean: It can be washed in the washing machine at a medium temperature of 30-40 degrees Celsius. The high quality of it makes it long lasting.


Material: High-Quality Softshell Fabric

Color: Black

Weight: 35 grams

Size: M (25.5 cm in length)

          L (27.0 cm in length)


1 piece * Adjustable Active Ankle Brace

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