98°F Ultra Thin Thermal Wear

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98°F Ultra Thin Thermal Wear gives you the thinnest yet powerful insulation through the winter!Warmer than 95% regular innerwear. Utilizing the self-heating property of Amino nanofiber & ultra-light fleece lining, this thermal set can elevate your body temperature to 98°F (37°C) in 3 seconds!4 Ways Stretchable. Seamlessly covers your body like a second skin to deliver ultimate warmth and comfort without compression. Plus, light and stretchy properties also make it perfect to warm you up while sleeping!Moisture-wicking & Anti-static. Regulating your body temperature by converting excess body heat into warmth and dries moistures incredibly fast to keep your fresh and cozy all the time!


  • 98°F Cold Insulation. Lined with revolutionary Amino nanofiber that can elevate body temperature to 98°F (37°C) in 3 seconds! 
  • Light-As-Air. Warmer than 95% regular innerwear while being ultra-thin and light to provide you everlasting warmth.
  • 4 Ways Stretchable. Gently hugs your body curves like a second skin, granting you warmth and comfort all the time.
  • Moisture-wicking & Anti-Bacterial. Breathable materials that convert sweat into heat and dry moistures incredibly fast to keep you dry and fresh.
  • Anti-Static. Fleece Lining helps to lock-in the moistures to your skin without annoying static clings.
  • Invisible under any clothing.
  • Perfect for traveling. Easy to carry and saves you baggage space!
  • One Size Fits All


    • Color: Black or Beige
    • Size: Free Size
    • Material: Amino Nano Fibre & Ultra Light Fleece Lining
    • Machine Washable 


    • 1PC x 98°F Ultra Thin Thermal Wear ( Top & Bottom )

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