10 Seconds Whitening Cream

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Whiten dark stubborn areas on your body instantly. This 10 Seconds Whitening Cream lightens your skin in a wink - almost like magic!
Specifically formulated to address discolored parts of your skin to blend and enhance its overall appearance. It's safe for both intimate areas and sensitive skin.
Correct excess pigmentation under your arms, bikini lines, knees, face, chest, and elbows. The antioxidants inside gives moisture to the skin as well, making it glow and shine!



✔ Instant Results: Just apply on your intended area and wait for as low as 10 seconds. You'll immediately see a big difference!
✔ Lightweight Formula: The cream can be easily absorbed by the skin without any sticky or heavy feeling.
✔ Suitable for Sensitive Areas: It's gentle to use on sensitive skin in areas such as underarms, bikini lines, nipple area, elbows, knees, between thighs, and toes.
✔ Rich in Antioxidants: It moisturizes and nourishes the skin to prevent aging.
✔ Safe to Use: Made with advanced & natural ingredients. Proven safe and effective by dermatologists, tested to be hypoallergenic and non-toxic.
✔ Portable & Handy: This is a perfect travel companion. Use and store it anytime and anywhere you want without the worry of consuming too much space in your travel bag or bathroom closet.


1 pc x 10 Seconds Whitening Cream (25 g)

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